Technical Consulting on Your Purchase

From a system's specific capabilities to product comparisons, our expertise in the ultrasound field will guide you through the purchase process to the optimum unit for your particular technical needs.  Based on our years of interaction with both manufacturers and customers, we have a broad base of knowledge to help you evaluate the pros and cons of a particular unit as it relates to your lab's needs.

 Asset Management

Now more than ever, medical professionals are forced to examine the short and long feasibility of a purchase.  MLI's staff, with years of experience and a broad range of product knowledge, can work with you to evaluate the most cost-effective purchase, lease, or rental options.

 Short and Long Terms Rentals

Our extensive rental programs can maximize the economic benefit of ultrasound equipment when an outright purchase is not a feasible option.  With flexible terms and arrangements to apply rental payments toward a purchase, MLI can work with you to structure your rental.  Whether you are waiting for capital funding or trying to determine the feasibility of an additional unit, MLI's rental program can get a high-end ultrasound unit in your lab with no capital purchase or long-term commitment.

Rentals and Operational Leases are gaining in popularity because they enable labs to acquire equipment without capital funding and are handled as operating expenses in the monthly budget.

Click here to contact us regarding our revolutionary rental programs or view our current inventory.


Ask about our flexible leasing options.  Our knowledgeable staff can work with you to evaluate the best possible scenario for your specific business situation.  We can offer competitive lease rates that maximize the economic benefit of the acquisition of ultrasound equipment.  Please contact us for further details.  To view our current inventory please click here.


From equipment in-service to obtaining service contracts, MLI can assist you with all of your service needs.  As a management firm, we can arrange service through the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and/or an ISO (Independent Service Organization), depending on your specific needs and preferences.  Main Line International, Inc. also has a preferred relationship with Acuson Corporation's Service Division.  Please click here to view more specific information regarding this agreement.

 Professional Training

On-site applications are available upon delivery of your ultrasound system from MLI.  We can provide knowledgeable and professional applications training for all staff members who will be using your new ultrasound unit.

 Buy - Sell - Trade

We purchase ultrasound equipment directly from our customers and have an extensive inventory at all times.  Please contact us if you have equipment or probes that you are interested in trading or selling.

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