General Ultrasound Products

Main Line International, Inc. has a broad range of systems available to suit the general radiology, vascular, abdominal and OB requirements of your Ultrasound Lab.

We offer a variety of systems, probes, and peripherals.  State of the art systems such as AcusonTM, ATLTM, Agilent/Hewlett-PackardTM, GETM, PhillipsTM, SiemensTM, ToshibaTM and others are immediately available.  Our current inventory includes over 60 systems and 650 probes allowing us the flexibility of customizing the best configuration to meet your individual preferences, technological needs and budget.

When you are a MLI client, you will be satisfied through... 

  Quality Assurance Program

MLI has developed a detailed and thorough Quality Assurance Protocol to insure that all units bought (and eventually sold) are in excellent physical and working condition.  We work closely with the OEM's service and technical staff to insure that each system is acceptable to manufacturer specifications.  Service records, photographs, tapes of studies in progress, service calls, evaluations, and certifications are a few of the methods we use to insure the quality of each ultrasound unit we sell. 

  Guaranteed Serviceable by OEM

All equipment sold by Main Line International, Inc. is guaranteed serviceable by the original manufacturer.  Simply stated, this insures that all equipment is functioning to factory specifications.  Our Quality Assurance Program verifies that each system is in excellent condition.  Main Line International, Inc. also has a preferred relationship with Acuson Corporation's Service Division.  To view more specific information regarding this agreement please click here.

  Extensive Inventory at All Time

With over 60 systems and 650 probes in inventory, MLI is a trade leader who can deliver your next ultrasound system.  Because MLI is a dealer, as opposed to a broker who finds a customer then sources equipment, our extensive inventory gives us full control of the configuration and condition of all systems we sell.  We guarantee systems based on our physical evaluation of each unit - not on information that has been relayed through other parties.  Our staff feels very strongly about accurately presenting products and believes that the only way in which to do this is to physically examine each unit.

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  Client Satisfaction

Main Line International, Inc. has developed long-term relationships with doctor's offices, clinics, imaging centers, and hospitals around the country.  From training, in-service, and applications to trade-ins and additional probes or units.  Main Line International, Inc. offers complete services to insure that customers are satisfied not only as their system is delivered, but also long after the sale is complete.

  Referral Program

Over the years, our client relationships, built with quality products and superior services, have generated repeat and referral business by which we measure excellence.  The MLI Direct Referral Program is an incentive program for our customers who assist us in helping new clients meet their ultrasound needs.  Please call or contact us to find out more about how our MLI Direct Referral Program can benefit you.

 Stress Echo

With reimbursement for stress echo on the rise, more labs than ever are looking to add stress echo testing to their menu of services.  MLI can offer cost effective ultrasound units with integrated Stress Echo. Training and Rental/Lease Options also availalbe.

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